Online{2022] How Good Is Sandy In Brawl Stars {Gratuit}

How Good Is Sandy In Brawl Stars. You would be able to tell if he was a girl. Sandy creates a sandstorm in the field and every friendly brawler that goes inside gets invisible.

Poze Cu Brawl Stars Sandy
Poze Cu Brawl Stars Sandy from

Sandy is a legendary fighter in the brawl stars game. Make sure to get to a safe distance first or cover before using this gadget! Any (rude sands 40%/healing winds 60%) sandy's star power really depends on the map you are using him in, most specifically hot zone and brawl ball.

Poze Cu Brawl Stars Sandy

• can both hide with their super and ambush enemies. The tier list will rank all 55 brawlers, based on their performance on all game modes, including showdown and duels. A list of all brawl stars brawlers listed in tiers who is the strongest brawlers in brawl stars. Rolling in and out of action, darryl is by far one of the best brawlers even though his gadget is trash.

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