Online{2022] Best Pokemon Team Generation 2 {Gratuit}

Best Pokemon Team Generation 2. Surf is stab and very useful in the field. Big shout out to thesilphroad for their global pokedex, as this chart would not be possible without it.

TPP's Greatest Team twitchplayspokemon
TPP's Greatest Team twitchplayspokemon from

Check out this rom hack. In my opinion, the best team to go with in pokemon games of gen 5 (b, w, b2, w2) would be lucario, samurott, black/white kyurem/zekrom/reshiram, arcanine, scolipede and braviary. Team aqua and team magma are equally lame, but kyogre and groudon are among the best legendaries ever created.

TPP's Greatest Team twitchplayspokemon

It also includes all of the eeveelutions so far (a big score!) Ice punch or ice beam is great coverage and really good against claire and lance. Generation vii shares a similar story to generation v in that it is also the second main series pokemon game on its. Incineroar's power is rivaled by very few pokemon.

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