• Automatic call to a list of numbers
  • Execution of several simultaneous campaigns
  • Agent monitoring (on calls)
  • Predictive dialer
  • Attention Script storage
  • Entry form
  • Call Schedule
  • Ability to put a call on hold
  • Call activity reports
  • IVR
  • Call Recording
  • SMS Module
  • Email Module
  • Voice Mail Server
  • Operator Panel with Dashboard
  • Music On Hold
  • Video / Audio Conferencing
  • Text-To-Speech

Asterisk Architechture

  • The Brainy-Box Call Center is designed around Asterisk’s queue functionality.
  • This design assumes that each queue has at least one agent.
  • Each campaign uses one queue. An Agent can be part of more than one queue.
  • In the present version there are two function modes: Outgoing Campaign and Ingoing (Incoming) Campaigns.
  • Is the part of the call center that interacts directly with calls.
  • The dialer starts each call using the command Originate from Brainy-Box Server.
  • The dialer is constantly reviewing all the calls, placed by it (Originate), that have not received an event Originate Response.
  • If the dialer receives an answer (Originate Response – example: join or link), it will write the information of that call in the database.
  • The dialer asks regularly about the status of the queue to find out how many registered agents are free.
  • The number of free agents regulates how many calls are initiated simultaneously.
  • The dialer estimates the average length of call, to try to predict if the calls are in progress to finish to place new calls proactively. This feature is configurable.
  • The prediction model is a cumulative Erlang distribution.
  • The Web interface lets you start and stop the dialer
  • It also allows to activate and deactivate debugging on the dialer, even if the dialer is running.
  • The predictive dialer is active by default after installing the module.
  • However it is possible to turn it off from the interface, on the configuration menu at the module.

Birds Eye View

Brainy-Box Unified Communications Server’s Dashboard is a real-time interface that displays the state of our IP-PBX platform.
It displays the actual CPU load, memory utilization, hard disk capacity, free space, and other hardware-related information.

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